Trinity Concepts (2.01) Man's Spirit

Man’s spirit





Most people would agree that we as humans have a body and a soul.  But we also have what the Scriptures continually refer to as a spirit.  This is the part of us least detected by the common observer.  One author* characterized the human spirit as our Conscience, Intuition and our Communion with God.  Again, each of these corresponds categorically to the triune nature of God.   Our conscience (or sense of right and wrong) corresponds to the Father, Who will judge the world one day.  Our intuition (or revealed knowledge) corresponds to the Word of God.  Our Communion with God corresponds to the Holy Spirit, as He is here with us on the earth, in Jesus’ absence.  One of His names is Comforter.  (It is easy to see why many young believers mistake the movings of the Holy Spirit with their emotions, since the emotions of the soul are in the same category of [Holy Spirit, Communion with God, Emotions, Endoderm].

*Watchman Nee

(for more study, see the Trinity Concepts Key)